Puerto Rico Vibes

About a year ago our entire Quevedo family sat around the table discussing the possibility of a family vacation. For one reason or another, passports were a barrier. Just then I blurted out, "What about Puerto Rico?" Once interests were clearly peaked, my quick fingers went to one of my favorite online sites: to do a couple of varied searches. I landed on cheap flights over Fourth of July week and it was settled. 

Since we knew money was often a challenge for getting a large group to get plans moving, my hubby set up a monthly savings plan encouraging all to save a certain amount over 6+ months to fund an Airbnb and flights to PR! We all stuck to the plan and ended up on our first extended family vacation since 1998.

What our extended family didn't know during the planning was that we were well into mapping out a months-long adventure through Central and South America. This PR stop would become the kick-off of a whirlwind adventure from LA to Latin Ameri…

What is Queventure?

Welcome to
Queventure in Spanglish translates into 'What Venture' and is a simple combination of two words that perfectly describe our family's current travel lifestyle: Quevedo + Adventure = Queventure!

We hope you'll enjoy coming along as our family of five ventures across Latin America. Our travels will take us from Mexico, through Central America, to the furthest tip of South America. 

Our ultimate goal is to spend quality family time together, experience new cultures, partake in global community service, expand our family's use of the Spanish language, immerse ourselves in our own cultural roots, and ultimately, go on many, many adventures!
This dream to travel long term started before we were married almost 13 years ago. At that time, the plan was to marry and immediately leave to the Peace Crops. for two + years of service. We thought bridal registries and housewarming parties would remain on hold until after our travels. We were wrong.